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1X2 SC/APC Plastic BOX EPTal Fiber FBT Coupler

Minimal insertion decline, low PDL
EPT believability and stability
JCEP stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd and customized housing accessible
Numerous coupling ratio and connector offered

EPTal interaction system
CATV Technique
Program and signal checking
Fiber to the home (FTTH)

EPTal Specifications:

Coupling Ratio Insertion Reduction(dB)
P Quality S Quality
fifty/50 le3.4 le3.six
forty five/fifty five le3.eight/2.nine
forty/sixty le4.four/2.six le4.7/2.eight
35/65 le4.eight/two. le4.9/2.10
thirty/70 le6./two.
25/seventy five le6.nine/one.3 le6.five/1.4
20/eighty le7.six/one.two le8./one.three
fifteen/85 le8.six/.7 le8.9/.88
10/90 le11./.65 le11.5/.8
five/ninety five le14.two/.four le14.eight/.five
two/ninety eight le18.five/.25 le19./.35
1/99 le21.five/.2 le22./.3
Extra Reduction(Typ.)(dB) le0.1
Operating Wavelength(nm) 1310 plusmn40, 1550 plusmn40,1310/1550 plusmn40,1310/1550/1490 plusmn40 or 850, 850/1310 custom wavelength
Directivity(dB) ge55
Return Reduction(dB) ge50
Port Configuration 1 times2 or 2 times2

Observe:All the knowledge previously mentioned does not incEPTT connectors.

Parameter Specification
Running Wavelength(nm) 1310 plusmn40, 1550 plusmn40,1490 plusmn10
Fiber Variety EPTF
(one timesN)(two timesN) N=three N=four N=5 N=six N=8 N=10 N=sixteen N=24 N=32
IL(MAX)(dB) five.4 6.nine 8.1 eight.9 ten.three eleven.5 13.eight fifteen.6 seventeen.two
Uniformity(dB) .five .7 1.1 one.3 one.five one.8 two 2.2
PDL(dB) le0.20 le0.20 le0.thirty le0.30 le0.30 le0.40 le0.forty le0.fifty le0.50
Return Reduction(dB) ge55
Directivity(dB) ge50

Observe:All the info above does not incEPTT connectors.


Sort Port Wavelength Ratio Fiber Pigtail Variety
Sort S=Coupler W=WDM
Port 1001=1×1, 1002=1×2, …, 4004=4×4, …, 1032=1×32, 2032=2×32
Wavelength 98=980, thirteen=1310, 14=1490, 15=1550, 1314=1310 amp1490, 1315=1310 amp amp1550,
345=1310 amp1490 amp1550, 85=850, 9815=980 amp1550, 8513=850 amp1310
Coupling Ratio 01=one/99, 02=two/ninety eight,… 05=five/95,…10=10/90,…45=forty five/fifty five,…00= 50/fifty equal ratio, X=Other folks
/ 01=1dB, 02=2dB,…05=5dB…10=10dB…… X=Other people
Fiber Variety S1=G652D S2= G657A1 M5=50/one hundred twenty five M6=sixty two.five/twelve M3=OM3 M4=OM4 XX=other
Pigtail Kind B=250 microm Bare fiber, L=900 microm Free tube, two=two.0mm, three=3.0mm, A=Adapter
Pigtail Duration .5M=.5M 10M=10M XXX=other
FU/FA= input FC/UPC / output FC/APC, XX=Other individuals
EPTT Dimension 01,02,03,04,05,H,L,U,G,X

EPTT Information

Pigtail 1×1 1×2 2×2 lt=9 Ports lt=eighteen Ports lt=34 Ports
Bare fiber / SS1/SS6/SS7 SS1/SS6/SS7 /
Phi0.9 SS1 SS2 SS5 /
Phi2. SS4/04 04 04 01 02 03
Phi3. 04
Rack Box U /G

Package Dimension: /mm

SS1 #10603×50 steel tube 04 90x20x9.5 plastic box
SS2 #10603×54 metal tube X EPTT
SS3 #10603.5x54steel tube 03 141x115x18 plastic box
SS4 #10605×70 steel tube 02 120x80x18 plastic box
SS5 #10603×60 metal tube 01 100x80x10 plastic box
SS6 #10603×35 steel tube U 19” x=one,two,three,four U rack
SS7 #10603×40 metal tube G X=1,two,three,four U LGX
SS8 #10604.0×65 metal tube

  in Misratah Libya  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 1X2 Sc APC Plastic Box Optical Fiber Fbt Coupler manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler