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Every approach, each area, every single function in EPG is demanded to be carried out 1 step pursuing another, carefully and cautiously, from materials variety, reformation to producing add-ons, from factors warmth remedy to automated assembly, from quality control to item inspection and screening and from purchase working to following income service. Great consideration has been paid out on environmental safety and energy saving. Our specialists and engineers have 23 years of Expertise in the Bearing Sector.

ZS stainless metal horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump solution overview

ZS stainless steel horizontal one-phase centrifugal pump is created of EPTd EPT this kind of as stainless metal plate stamping and growth welding. It is the very first technology of centrifugal pump in EPTT, which can replace classic IS pump and EPTT corrosion-resistant pump. It has the attributes of stunning look, ligEPTT structure, substantial performance, energy preserving, toughness, ligEPTT corrosion resistance and low sound.

ZS kind stainless metal horizontal one-stage centrifugal pump merchandise software

ZS stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump is a functional product with a extensive selection of apps. It can transport different media incXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. water or EPTT liquid, and is ideal for different temperature, flow and stress ranges. Common applications incEPTT the pursuing:

JCEP provide: h2o EPTT filtration, transportation and district drinking water provide and supercharged supercharger

EPTT pressurization: method h2o program, cleansing technique

EPTT liquid transportation: EPT feed water, condensing program, cooling and air conditioning method, EPTT tool matching, acid-foundation transportation

JCEP treatment method: distillation program or separator, swimming pool, and so on.

Farmland irrigation, petrochemical, healthcare and well being.

ZS kind stainless metal horizontal one phase centrifugal pump set up circumstances

ZS sort stainless steel horizontal single-stage centrifugal pump is a immediate coupling sort of pump shaft, which is composed of pump, pump shaft and stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd motor:

one) The pump need to be mounted in a ventilated and anti-freezing location

2) The set up of the pump need to guarantee that the pump is not affected by the rigidity of the system piping for the duration of use

3) If the pump is set up outdoor, a appropriate go over should be presented to avoid the EPT elements from EPTTring or condensing

four) In orEPTTto faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.tate inspection and routine maintenance, there need to be sufficient place all around the device

five) The EPT wiring unit shall ensure that the pump is not damaged by section reduction, voltage instability, leakage and overload

six) The pump need to be mounted horizontally on the foundation, the horizontal course is the suction port of the pump, and the vertical course is the discharge port of the pump.

ZS kind stainless steel horizontal single-phase centrifugal pump working conditions

Clean, slender, non-flammable, explosive, liquid that does not have solid particles and fibers

a liquid possessing a temperature among -twenty deg C and one hundred deg C

Ambient temperature forty deg C

a thousand meters above sea level

The system has a higher pressure of ten bar.

ZS type stainless steel horizontal single stage centrifugal pump motor

The motor is a completely enclosed, air-cooled two-pole stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd motor

Protection stage: IP55

Insulation class: F

StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd voltage: 50Hz one times 220V three moments 380V

(m) (m3/h) (KW) (r/min)
ZS50-32-a hundred and sixty/one.1 eighteen six.3 1.1 2900
ZS50-32-160/1.5 twenty 12.5 1.five 2900
ZS50-32-one hundred sixty/two.two 25 twelve.5 2.two 2900
ZS50-32-two hundred/3. 32 twelve.five 3. 2900
ZS50-32-200/4. forty two twelve.5 four. 2900
ZS50-32-two hundred/five.5 fifty four 12.5 five.five 2900
ZS65-40-a hundred twenty five/1.5 13 25 1.five 2900
ZS65-40-125/two.two 18 twenty five 2.2 2900
ZS65-forty-125/three. 24 twenty five 3. 2900
ZS65-forty-a hundred and sixty/4. 28 twenty five 4. 2900
ZS65-40-two hundred/five.5 36 25 five.five 2900
ZS65-40-200/7.five 46 twenty five seven.five 2900
ZS65-forty-200/11. sixty two 25 eleven. 2950
ZS65-fifty-one hundred twenty five/3. thirteen fifty three. 2900
ZS65-fifty-125/four. 18 fifty 4. 2900
ZS65-fifty-160/five.five twenty five 50 five.five 2900
ZS65-fifty-two hundred/7.5 32 50 seven.5 2900
ZS65-50-two hundred/9.2 40 fifty 9.2 2900
ZS65-50-two hundred/11. 48 fifty 11. 2950
ZS65-fifty-two hundred/15. 58 fifty 15. 2950
ZS65-fifty-two hundred/eighteen.five sixty eight fifty eighteen.five 2950
ZS80-sixty five-one hundred twenty five/five.five thirteen one hundred five.five 2900
ZS80-65-125/seven.five 18 100 7.5 2900
ZS80-sixty five-125/nine.two 23 one hundred 9.2 2900
ZS80-65-160/eleven. 27 one hundred eleven 2950
ZS80-65-one hundred sixty/15. 36 100 15 2950
ZS80-65-200/18.5 45 one hundred eighteen.5 2950
ZS80-sixty five-200/22. fifty three one hundred 22 2950
ZS80-sixty five-two hundred/thirty. 66 one hundred thirty 2950
ZS100-eighty-one hundred sixty/11. 15 160 11 2950
ZS100-80-160/15. 22 160 fifteen 2950
ZS100-eighty-160/18.five 28 a hundred and sixty 18.five 2950
ZS100-80-200/22. 33 160 22 2950
ZS100-eighty-two hundred/30. 45 a hundred and sixty thirty 2950
ZS100-80-200/37. 54 a hundred and sixty 37 2950

  in Cordoba Argentina  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Zs Type Stainless Steel Horizontal Single Stage Centrifugal Pump manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler